Morarji Desai

If we do not want to be pained by anybody we must not pain anybody; and how can man consider himself humane if he wants to live at the cost of others.”

Morarji Desai

Morarji Desai:- was an Indian independence activist as 4th prime minister of India led by the Janata party and during his politics he held many post such  as chief minister of Bombay, Home minister, finance minister and 2nd deputy contender for position of prime minister only  to be defeated by Indira Gandhi. He was appointed as deputy prime minister and minister of finance in Indira Gandhi cabinet. He resigned from the congress and joined INO. The opposition parties fought together against the congress under the help of Janata party and own the election and Desai was elected as prime minister and became the first non-congress prime minister of India he tried to make a peace with south Asian states, Pakistan and India after first nuclear test Desai made relations with china & Pakistan he is the oldest person to hold the Office of prime minister and later he retired from all post and retained for Janata party. He was honored for Bharat Ratna and he died at the age of 99.

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