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Summary of NATURE OF MATTER Solved exercise /notes for NATURE OF MATTER Summary We see several materials (objects) in our daily life and use a few of them. These materials are also called matters.The...

THE EARTHQUAKE  – A folk tale

THE EARTHQUAKE – A folk tale

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit near the Western Sea. He lived in an earthhole, under a small palm shrub at the foot of a bel tree.

One day, as the rabbit was getting food to its home, a strange thought came to his mind.

“What if the earth falls to pieces, what if it falls on me?”, he thought, almost shivering.

At that same moment, a big ripe bel fruit fell right on top of the palm shrub. At this, the little animal jumped straight up into the air, being quite sure that the earth was indeed falling to pieces around him.

Language of Computers – Binary

Computers don’t understand words or numbers the way we humans do. In the end, everything in the computer is represented by a binary electrical signal that registers data in one of two states: ON or OFF

Any instructions you give to the computer gets converted to binary. Later gets stored, processed within the system. Output again will be presented in the format we humans can understand.

This ON or OFF usaually represented with two numbers 0 and 1.


Summary of atoms and molecules Summary The ancient philosophers have tried to understand the form of matter. Around 500 BC it was the Indian philosopher maharishi Canada who postulated that if we keep dividing...


Summary of natural resources Solved exercise of natural resources Summary Water, soil, air, minerals, plants, animals etc., which occur naturally on earth are called resources. These resources are necessary for all living organisms including...


Summary of friction Solved exercise of friction Summary Friction is such a force which tends to slow down or stop the moving bodies. Frictional force always acts in the direction opposite to motion. Example:...

Computer Organisation & Architecture

Summary on organisation and architecture of computer The original purpose of building computers was computing. Without this, most of the computing disciplines today would be a branch of theoretical mathematics. Summary Computer Architecture describes...


Summary of family Solved exercise of family Summary A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.Family are related to one another and live together. Sometimes, the members...