Must have a Mobile app -Part -2

Summary of must have mobile app


A mobile application is also called as Mobile is a computer program used to run mobile device such as phone, tablet and watch. These app are generally download by the application distribution platform by the owner of mobile operating system. some of the app are app store(ios) or Google play store we download some app free of cost and other have a price and these profit being  split between creator of the application and the distribution platform. Most of the mobile are sold with pre-installed software such as web browser, email client, calendar, mapping program. App which are not preinstalled are available through distribution platforms called app stores. These apps can be even downloaded to laptops and also for computers. The app which are cost are 20-30% generally goes to distribution provide such as iTunes and the rest goes to producer of the app and also depending on the mobile the cost is also varied. App are installed manually by running an android application package. Mobile app are increasing through mobile  users. Mobile app are playing an important role in health care.

Mobile app can be classified as

Native app:All apps targeted toward a particular mobile platform are known as native app.

Hybrid app:- The concept of the hybrid app is a mix of native and web-based apps

Web-based app:- A web-based app is coded in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. These apps may capture minimum memory space in user devices compared to native and hybrid apps. 

The 3 biggest app stores are

1.  Google Play:-    It is a Pre-installed app on the android app to provide access to content on Google Play Store. It allows users to browse download applications developed with Android software. It also plays as a Digital media store with music books movies and TV programs.

2.App Store:-  It provide specific set of functions do not include running computer itself it is a mobile context.

3.Microsoft Store:-It is known as window store it started as ab app store for windows 8 It is used for Business and education to find acquire distribution and manage app for your organization of the school.

Advantage of Mobile app

Mobile app are much faster then the mobile websites. Websites use JavaScript to run whereas app run on frame work which is 5 times faster.

1.      It is designed to fulfill customer requirements of content and it is also used to communicate the language speak and understand and it is designed according to  user interest , behavior location and culture.

2.      It also works both online and offline access while app need an internet connection to perform task like payments and notification, but still they work, offline mode. some of the app like banking, retail, finance games and news work both work online and offline.

3.      Using device feature once if you download you can use features like camera which can scan PFD, SQR, and Bar codes. NFC use for payments, GPS to connect with maps

Gyro-meter and compass are used for different purpose the advantage is that feature consume less time to perform an action and change.

4.      Push notification and instant updates notification are received when user opens an application on device. Push notification are received when user opens an app or not.

5.Brand and design:- You can design an app the way you want without depending on the device or browser.

6.It also increases communication between employees, vendors, and customers and share resources and places an order, they increase productivity by 20-40 %. When we communicate directly with the customer your marketing gets reduce, but now FB and twitter have now started charging for premium space and conversation.

7.      We have the advantage by sharing an image to your friends and show what we have bought just by one click buy. It also improves user engagement for purchase query and contacting you for delivery.

8.      Increase SEO potential for websites Google these days rank you in app content and you can modify your content in your app to help you with your websites SEO So it’s a biggest time to build mobile app for business to fully harness.

Disadvantage of Mobile App

Each and every developed app is having some or the other mistakes followed by third party tool integration. It not only not only affect smartphone devices but, also damage user’s personal data and information on a heavy scale

 Must program the app  to show any warn messages  so that so that the user is intercommunicated of the configuration of the encrypted connection

While session handling mechanisms are largely applied at the server side of apps, secure session management practices can be used in devices themselves

While these issues primarily affect Android-based apps, there has been a case in point for iPhone apps too. Usually and especially, output escaping, authorization.

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