Chandra Shekhar

Chandra Shekhar:who served as the 8th Prime minister of India. He held a Minority At the beginning of his politics he was the member of Raja Sabha as an Independent candidate  later  he resigned from Raja Sabha and he was elected for Lok Sabha he head a minority government with the support of Indian national congress. He is the first prime minister who never had any government office. His government was seen as puppet. As  the government could not pass any budget  at that time Indian budget gone down .later he joined a congress party he came to be known as young turk. He was arrested and sent to prison along with young turks. After he jailed he joined the Janata party he became the president of Janata party .Later he won the Confidence with the support of 64 MP he was made as the Prime minister. He was prime minster for 11 months during this period he could not introduce a full budget as a result he resigned the office of prime minister.

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