Inder Kumar Gujral

Inder Kumar Gujral:- Was the member of all Indian student federation. He also participated in Indian Independence movement and he was jailed during  quit India movement as a student he became the member of communist party of India. He was the vice president of new Delhi municipal committee  and joined the congress party since he was very close to Indira Gandhi he  became the member of Raja Sabha. He also was the  Minister of information and  broadcasting . He also was in charge  in media for  censorship and Dhoordharsan in India. He also served as water resources minister. Later he resigned from Indian national congress party and joined the Janata Dal. The United front government was formed under the premiership of H.D. Deva Gowda, Gujral was again named Minister of External. The Indian national Congress  Party had been supporting the United Front government from outside. This led the government collapse. To avoid the mid election the compromise was   another called the Congress agreed to support another United Front government under new leadership. The United Front elected Gujral as its new leader,  and he was made as Prime Minister on 21 April 1997. Later the congress 1 withdraw their support for Gujral and he resigned he made his mark by introducing the Gujral Doctrine, which set the stage for countless negotiations in subsequent years. 

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