• Drona                                 The archery teacher for both the Pandava and the
  • Kaurava Princes prostrate          Lie flat on the ground before a person to show respect
  • Fawn                        Young deer
  • Vow                         Promise
  • Howl                      Sound made by a wolf
  • Wicked                     Evil, morally wrong
  • Whine                       Cry with pain
  • Abode                       A house or home
  • Humble                    Modest
  • Devotion                 Deep love and respect

Match the words in list ‘A’ with their opposites in list ‘B’

One is done for you. Increase × Decrease

Increase        X          Decrease

Worthy         X          Unworthy

Gain               X          Loss

Humble         X          proud

Cruel              X          kind

Long               X          Short

Rich                X          Poor

II.Fill in the blanks with suitable noun forms:

  1. Is there any _________ (mean) in what you are saying?
  2. Is there any meaning in what you are saying?
  3. Children’s Choice (choose) is playing cricket.
  4. The teachings(teach) of Krishna is found in the Bhagavad Geetha.
  5. Don’t take hasty decisions (decide)
  6. The teacher’s correction (correct) in my homework helped me to score better than Peter.
  7. I will be happy to have you as my teacher (teach)
  8. Narayan was considered the best boy for his intelligence (Intelligent) in solving the problem.

III.Now complete the following paragraph using the words given below:

(movement, detection, meeting, loss, execution, belling, decision)

The mice in the grocer’s shop ate plenty of grains and he had to suffer a great toss (lose). So, he bought a cat for the ______ (detect) of the mice’s hiding place. During the meeting(meet) of the mice, one of them said that the cat’s movement

(move ) was soft and swift. So, there was a need for belling (bell) the cat. All the mice agreed that it was a good decision (decide). Someone asked, “Who will bell the cat?” No answer came. As yet, the decision has not seen execution(execute).

IV.Answer each of the following questions and compare your answers with  those of your partner:

1.Why did Drona refuse to teach archery to Ekalavya?

Ans:Drone refused to teach archery to Ekalavya because he made a vow that he would not teach other than Kshatriya or a Brahmin. His vow binds him to refuse Eklavya.

2.How did Ekalavya learn archery?

Ans: Ekalavya had a deep devotion to his guru. He was a devoted disciple and believed that he should learn with his guru’s blessings. The same blessings guided him and helped him in reaching his goal. Within two years he was master in archery by his devotion.

3.What made Drona appreciate Ekalavya’s skill?

Ans:By seeing Ekalavya’s skillful trick of shabdavedhi drone appreciated him. Ekalavya’s skill was uncomparable. It was an extraordinary skill.

4.How, according to Drona, did Ekalavya become a good archer?

Ans:According to drone, Ekalavya became a good archer by his devotion. His devotion only made him a good archer.

V.Answer the following questions after discussing with the other groups in the class

1.Is it the duty of a student to protect the honour  of the teacher?


Yes, it is the duty of every student to protect the honour of the teacher.since the teacher is guru and god himself.

Narrate briefly the circumstances that made Ekalavya offer his right thumb as Gurudakshina to Drona.

Drone, Arjuna, and other princes and log with arrow in its mouth came to ekalavya’s hut drone praised Ekalavya for gaining skill in archery and praised his teacher for imparting his skill. At this time Ekalavya toed the guru that he learned all the trickles of archery under his guidance he also Impresssd that it was very kind of him to visit his pupil.

At this Arjuna asked guru that and he had promised to make him the great archer in the work.Drone asked Ekalavya his right thumb as guru Dakshina. Ekalaya went to his idol bowed before it, took his knives from his belt, and cut his right thumb.

VI.Look at these sentences. They have no punctuation marks at the end. Put the punctuation marks and classify the sentences. Write assertive, interrogative, exclamatory or imperative in the blanks given.

1. Can you ride a motorbike? :Interrogative

2. Open the window :Imperative

3. Sugar is bad for your teeth: Assertive

4. Please be quiet: Imperative

5. How hot it is. Exclamatory

6. We went to Shirdi last Month: Assertive

7. What a rude man he is: Exclamatory

8. What are you doing there:Interrogative

9. Don’t speak to me like that again: Imperative

10. How quickly the holiday has passed. Exclamatory

11. Shall I help you with your shopping . Interrogative

12. The flight for Mumbai takes off at 11.30 p.m. :Assertive

13. Ekalavya went to the forest:Assertive

14. How happy he was to see Drona: Exclamatory

15. Get out of the way, my boy: Imperative

16. Clean the blackboard, please : Imperative

VII.Each word in this list contains a silent letter. Underline the silent letter in each word. Practice saying the words aloud.

k n i f e           w r i s t          c l i m b          d e b t

w r i t e          c o m b         k n o c k         t o m b         

k n i t              w r e ck        d o u b t        k n o b

w r o n g        w r i g g l e


k n i f e           w r i s t           c l i m b         d e b t           w rite

c o m b          k n o c k        t o m b          k n i t              w r e ck

d o u b t        k n o b          w r o n g       w r i g g l e

VIII.B. Now put each word in the right column in this table

Silent ‘b’Silent ‘k’Silent ‘w’  



Silent ‘b’Silent ‘k’Silent ‘w’  
doubt wriggle
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