Charan Singh

Simplicity doesn’t mean to live in misery and poverty. .

Charan Singh

Is the 5th Prime minister of India he is refereed to be him as champion of India’s peasants. He entered politics as part of Independence movement motivated by Mohandas Gandhi and he was jailed by British he took deep interest in the law he publicy opposed the unquestioned leader and prime minister.though his position in faction –ridden up congress was weakened .He stood for tight government and he advocated a firm hand in dealing with the  demands of government employee for increase wages, Charan Singh defected from congress and joined the opposition part and became the first non congress chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and non congress government were strong he was disappointed in his ambition to become prime minister few year later Singh had been struggling almost single handed its because of rah Marain he became the prime minister in 1979. Since Rajnarain was chairman of Janata party the way he help him to become chief minister in year 1967 in up . Fresh election were held 6 months later Charan Singh continued to lead lok dal in opposition till his death.

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