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Aristotle, the ancient Greek thinker and the student of Plato is recognized as the ‘Father of Political science’ for his valuable contributions to its growth and development. He wrote the first treatise in political science called “The Politics”.

Kaoutilya’s work on economics also has more information about political principles.

‘Politics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘polis’ which means ‘city-state’ and therefore a subject which deals with the affairs of city-state and its working was called politics by ancient Greeks.

Political Science is also the study of past, present and future of political institutions, political functions and political theories.

Importance of Political Science

  • Political Science helps to understand the birth and growth of a state,provides information about the type of Governments and Political activities involved in the functions of the state.
  • Provides information about the origin and development of ideas such as Monarchy, freedom, justice, laws,equality, good government, wars and peace etc.
  • Provides information about the structure and functions of the state and government.
  • Political Science helps to plan the future activities of the state. It also helps to establish a modern welfare state.
  • Political Science provides knowledge of the Constitution and laws of the state.
  • Political Science helps to understand the organs of the government i.e., Legislature, Executive and Judiciary and their functions.
  • Political Science develops political consciousness among the people.
  • The knowledge of Political Science helps leaders and civil servants to understand and solve the problems of the people.
  • Political Science helps to understand the important Political institutions like political parties, federations and local bodies.
  • Political science deals with ideologies which inspire and influence political involvement of people.
  • Political Science provides the knowledge of international relations especially the occurrence of wars among nations and the importance of peace and co-operation.

It helps the people to become good, responsible, cultured, and active citizens. The knowledge of Political science contributes to the establishment of a just, peaceful, progressive and a happy state, which isthe dream of millions and millions of people for a long time every where.


I. Fill up the blanks :

  1. The word Politics was derived from the Greek word Polis
  2. ‘Republic’ is written by Plato .
  3. Aristotle wrote a book on political science and it is called as the Politics
  4. Kaoutilya’s work relating to political science is Arthashastra.

II. Answer the following questions :

  1. What is political Science?

Ans:Political science is one of the social science dealing with the political activities of man.

2.Who began the systematic study of Political Science ?

Ans:The Greeks began the systematic study of political science.Though it was initially started by the Indians the Chinese, the Egyptians and others, they gave shape to it.

3.Who is called the Father Political Science?

Ans:Aristotle is called as father of political science.

4.Give a definition of Political Science.

Ans:Political science is a study of the origin and development of governemtn rights and duties of citizens, etc.

5.Mention any one use of studying Political Science?

Ans: It helps to understand about the needs of the state and about the leaders and people participation. And it makes us responsible citizens of the state. It contributes to the establishment of a just peaceful progressive and happy state.

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