I. Write True or false

  1. Santhosh told a lie before the teacher. (True)
  2. Santhosh forgot to eat snacks after coming from school. (False)
  3. Sandhya was the mother of Santhosh. (False)
  4. Suguna was studying in class two. (false)
  5. The teacher punished Santhosh after he had admitted his mistake (False)

II. Answer the following questions

1.Which class was Santhosh studying in?

Ans: Santhosh was studying in class IVth

2.Who was Sandhya?Why did Sandhya come to Santhosh’s house?

Ans:Sandhya was a cousin of santhosh she came to play with santhosh .

3.What did the teacher ask Santhosh in the class room?

Ans:The teacher asked him,Why haven’t you done your homework?”

4.Why did Santhosh not eat his food during lunch break?

Ans: Santhosh did not eat his food during lunch break because he had lied to the teacher.

5.What did Santhosh admit before the teacher?

Ans: Santhosh admit that he had lied to teacher in the morning. that he was sick. And played the whole evening and I did not do my homework, Please excuse me.

6.Why was the teacher happy at the end?

Ans:The teacher felt very happy because he has admit his mistake and told the truth.

III. Choose the right words given in the brackets and complete the sentences.
(grand-father, aunt, uncle, cousins, niece, grand-children,sister, nephew, brother, grand-mother)

My father’s brother is my :UNCLE
My father’s sister is my :AUNT
My uncle’s / aunt’s children are my: COUSIN

My brother’s/sister’s son is my : NEPHEW
My mother’s sister is my
My brother’s/sister’s daughter is my NIECE

My mother’s sister’s children are my BROTHER
My mother’s mother is my GRANDMOTHER

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