Computers for Beginners – Part 1

What is a Computer

IBM Personal Computer
IBM Personal Computer
Federigo Federighi / CC BY-SA (

By definition, a computer is an electronic digital device which can process, store and display the information

The computer’s original function is calculation. It is incredibly fast at mathematical
accounting – what would take a human, hours to complete can be done in seconds. With the new inventions in technology, now the computer does much more than the calculations and has become an integral part of our life.

They support us right from entertainment, communication, healthcare, banking, all sorts of business management support, controlling home appliances to rocket science, robots, and artificial intelligence.

Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.

John F. Kennedy

What are the uses of Computer

Basic uses of computer are

  • DOCUMENTS – instead of writing any document on paper, you can type it using any word document program. It’s editable, reusable and neat, ready to print any number of copies
  • SPREADSHEET – its an accounting tool. Any sort of data you want to organize, sort, apply mathematical, logical formulas, can be done easily in a spreadsheet. We can create charts and graphs using the stored data
  • PRESENTATIONS – using PowerPoint kind of program we can create an attractive, informative slideshow for our presentations
  • DRAWING – there are hundreds of drawing programs available to install and use in a computer for different kinds of drawings. Simple paint kind od drawings to complex vectors, 3D models, you ask for it, it’s available. Most of them are free also
  • ENTERTAINMENT – we can store and listen to music through audio programs, watch movies using video programs. Little bit learning and practice we can create, edit, and make our own audio, video
  • COMMUNICATION – accessing the internet, we can communicate to the world using emails, live chat programs, again via audio or video
  • INFORMATION – internet again allows you to access the information from worldwide mainly through websites and vice-versa

You can even use your smartphones or tabs for most the uses mentioned above, but computers are more efficient, comfortable and are built to do these tasks with a greater amount of data.

Some of the advanced uses of computers are for programming, huge amount of data storage, and processing, extremely complex scientific and mathematical calculations, modulation, and simulations.

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