Manmohan Singh

Unity and secularism will be the motto of the government. We can’t afford divisive polity in India.

Manmohan Singh

He was the senior lecture  and he was the reader in economic  he worked in united national conferece  on trade and development. Later he was .appointed as governor for reserve Bank of india and he went o became the deputy chairman of planning commission. In 1991 during narisimha rao as prime minister chosen manmohan to be the finance minister. During this period India was facing a  economic crises the government of India sought funds from the supranational International Monetary Fund, which, was supporting india finanicially. Manmohan explained to the PM and the party that India is facing such a problem financially. Thus singh  reduced state control of the economy, and reduced import taxesSingh offered his resignation from the post of Finance Minister after a parliamentary investigation, Prime Minister Rao refused Singh’s resignation, instead promising to punish the individuals directly accused in the report. In a surprise Chairperson Sonia Gandhi declared Manmohan Singh, a technocrat, as the UPA candidate for the Prime Ministership . He never won lok sabha seat but has  massive popular support, not least because he was seen by many as a clean politician, he took the oath as the Prime Minister of India .

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