H.D Deva Gowda

I may be a sleeping politician. But one should know that a sleeping politician is always awake about national politics. I am not like politicians who sleep on national issues though they may be awake physically.

H.D Deva Gowda

He was a civil Engineering Diploma holder. Gowda entered into politics and he joined the Indian national congress party and he remained as a member. He was elected for Karnataka legislative assembly as an independent candidate. during the split of congress he was in the leader opposition in the assembly, during emergency he was imprisoned in the Bangalore central jail. Later he became the president of Janat Dal and the election was held the congress party headed by Narasimha Rao lost the no other party won the seats from the government the non congress and non-BJP parties decided to form a government. with the support of congress, Deva Gowda unexpectedly has chosen to head the government as prime minister. He was a prime minister for less than a year after he continued his political carriers a member of parliament for Hassan. He was the national president of the Janata Party.

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