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The animal kingdom is full of beauty. We find a variety of animals which differ in their Colour, size, food habits, and dwelling This group of all living and extinct animals is called the animal kingdom.

similarities and differences between human beings and animals(external characteristics understand the relationship (mutual dependency) between human beings and  animals birds and insects are also animals. Do you know that we, human beings are also animals?

Observe the size of the animals you see around you. Spill a few grains in the yard of your house. Sit far away and observe the shapes and sizes of the birds and insects that come to eat those grains.

Human beings and animals have plenty of Characteristics in common.

Here’s a list of some of the similarities between them

*the sensory activities of animals are similar to that of humans

*animals care their babies similar to that of humans.

*animals also communicate like humans.

The main difference between animals and human are

*we have the ability of reasoning

*the use of language to speak

The picture given above shows how the animals are useful to us. Write these uses in the space provided in the picture.

Do you rear animals in your house ? How do you look after them

pet animals at home
taking care of animals

Sathish and Joseph are friends. Sathish has come to Joseph’s house to meet him. Here is a problem. The dog is guarding Joseph’s house. Help Sathish to reach Joseph’s house without being caught by the dog.

The various uses of Animals.

animals for transport
animals carry loads

The human animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship.The various uses of animals are

*They provide us wool and hair for clothing,ropes and tents.

*They give us leather

*They provide us meat,milk,eggs.

*Few animals are used for transport, ploughing and work. We always benefit from the animals we keep.

Do you know this? The tiger is the national animal of India. Nowadays the number of tigers is decreasing. The project tiger, a project of the Government of India is to preserve tigers. The number of insects is very large in the animal kingdom. A cheetah runs at 100 km per hour. The blue whale, which is 33 m long is the biggest animal in the animal kingdom. Some animals like chameleons and leaf insects change their color to suit their environment to protect themselves from enemies.

biggest animals


leaf insect

Some animals change their colour and body structure to suit their environment to protect themselves from enemies this is called camouflage. Example: moth,lizard,snake,chameleon, leaf insect.


(based on their habitat) the area where an organism lives naturally is called its habitat.

On the basis of habitat animals are classified as follows


 Animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals. Example :Dog, fox, elephant



Animals that lives in water are called aquatic animals. Example: Crab,Sea horse, Octopus

which live in water


The animals that live both on land and water are called amphibians. Example: frog, crocodile

water animal


The animals which lives on trees are called arboreal animals. Example: Monkey, Insects.

animals on tree



Animals which feed on plants and products of plants are called herbivores. Example: cow, goat etc

animals which feed on plants


Animals which eat the flesh of other animals are called carnivores. Example: tiger ,lion.

animals eat flesh of another animal


Animals which eat both plants and other animals are called omnivores. Example: Bbar, Racoon.

animals which eat flesh and plant
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