I.Read the following questions and tell the answers to your partner. Sometimes you will have to give reasons for what you say. Write down what you say.

a.In the first two stanzas of the poem you see two people. Who are they? Are they happy or sad? How can you say?

Ans:The two people are the child in the cloud and William blake the piper all are happy.The child in the cloud was happy and the piper piping song to pipe a song.

b.The child saw the piper first. (True/not true). How do you know? Is the child a boy or a girl?

Ans:True.The child only spoke to piper first and the child is a boy.

c. The child had heard the piper piping below. (True/not true)


d.why did the piper pipe with merry cheer?

Ans:The child asked the piper to pipe a song about the lamb so the piper piped with the merry cheer.

e.The child liked the song the piper piped. (True/not true)


f. “And I wrote my happy songs,” says the poet. What did he wish to happen?

Ans:The poet says that every child may read it in future and enjoy the happy song.

g. We have enjoyed this poem, haven’t we? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans:Yes we enjoy this poem because there is only happiness expressed.

 h. There are two incidents that can happen only in someone’s dream. Skim the poem and find them.

Ans:A child appearing in the cloud and talking and the poem is writing it the the clear water

i.Why does only the child speak to the piper, not the piper to the child?

Ans: He did not speak to the child because the piper is piping a song on his pipe.

 j. The child hears the piper piping and the piper, the child speaking (True/not true)


 k. Does the poet praise the quality of innocence? Skim the poem and find two symbols of innocence.

Ans:The child weeping with the joy to hear a song.the piper writing the poem with water and hollow stem of plants.

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