Answer the following in two or three sentences each:

1. What do you think were the “simple things” done by the cowboy?

Ans:The poet recalls how he used to enjoy playing the game of pirates and behaving like a cowboy. He would think that he was sailing upon the seven seas as a pirates, and sitting upon a horse herding the cattle in a ranch.

2. Do you enjoy reading? What do you feel are the joys of reading?

Ans:Yes, I do Reading helps us learn about many things.  It depends and widen our knowledge.  It makes us more human and broad minded reading also helps us in our daily life by equipping us better to cope with life .

3.  Where do the Eskimos live?

Ans: The Eskimos live in the Arctic region of the world.They mostly live in wood, cement and stone building presently unlike in the past where they live in igloos which were ice caves.

4. Why does the poet say “my fantasy was all aglow”?

Ans:After reading a book on the life of Eskimos, the poet  transported himself into the land of eskimos. He imagined to be living with them hunting and fishing with them.His imagination was set on fire and so he says his fantasy was all aglow.

5. When did the poet go to the moon? Did he stay there?

Ans:The post say that in his fantasy he went to the moon to take a look and returned to the earth.

6. Who was his guide in the forests of Africa?

Ans: Dr. Livingstone was his guide in the forests of Africa.

7. What were the deeds performed by the poet in his world of imagination

Ans: The poet sailed the seven seas, went hunting and fishing with the Eskimos, went off to the moon, spent time in the forests of Africa and paid a visit to America.

8. What happened when the poet grew up? What are his feelings towards life?

Ans: When the poet grew up, his childish world of fantasy came to an end. He became as serious man and this drove him towards frustration. He could not escape from the hardships of the real world.

9.  What is the message given by the poet in the poem?

Ans: Imagination combined with reading can help you enjoy and live in the world of mysteries whatever the age.

II. Match the following:

2AmericaDr. Livingstone
3Eskimosseven seas
4Jules VerneHuckleberry Finn
5. Africasnow


1Piratesseven seas
2AmericaHuckleberry Finn
4Jules Vernemoon
5. AfricaDr. Livingstone

Read the poem carefully and complete the web chart:


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