My Heart Leaps Up


I. Answer the following questions after sharing your ideas with your partner
a. The poet says, “my heart leaps up.” Why do you think he feels this way?

Ans:He sees the Rainbow because he is in love with nature and respect so the poet says” my heart leaps up”.

b. When did the speaker first have these feelings about the rainbow?

Ans:Since from the birth the speaker have these feelings about the rainbow.

c. Discuss with your partner and write a few sentences on why the poet wants to continue to have these feelings about the rainbow even when he grows old.

Ans:The poet wanted to be always connected with the nature or else rather he would die so he wanted to continue to have these feeling about the rainbow.

d. What does the poet mean by the term, “natural piety”?

Ans:The poet Wordsworth wanted chooses the word natural piety to express the bond he wishes to maintain with his childhood.He cherished our habits and hobbies we have cultivated in our childhood and wish to never even give up in the old age.The poet wants his day to be tied together by piety of nature.

e. The poet shows that life without the ability to see beauty in Nature is meaningless. Or, he points to how a rainbow brings out the child in us. Do you agree with these statements? Explain

Ans:Yes, I agree with the poet .Man is the child of nature so it natural for the human being to love the beauties of nature.In the absence of such feeling we are good and dead.

II. Write a short paragraph (about four sentences) on your experience of seeing a rainbow

Ans:I always look for rainbows, and they occur in surprising ways, lifting my spirits whenever I see them. The bright colors dance across the wall or appear as a magnificent arch in the sky. Whenever I see a rainbow, I feel a joyful sense of being visited by a being from another place.

III.Identify the major figure of speech in this poem. Give some similar examples

You go out on a school trip. You see a lot of beautiful things around you. Make a
list of five such things and write five sentences about each,highlighting the qualities which make them beautiful.

Ans: The figure of the speech in the poem is paradox

The paradox is a statement that sound absurd or seems to condratic itself but it fact may be true.

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