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Group of people living in a specific area is called a community. Members of the community are interdependent on each other for many things.

Every member of the community will have the feeling of dependency on the community. The feeling of dependency is more, if the community is small. This feeling decreases as the size of the community increases.

It is found that most of the animals in the environment live in groups and it forms their community. The specialty of honeybee and ants is that they live in a community and distribute the work among themselves.

There are different types of community

  1. Rural community
  2. Urban community
  3. Tribal community

Rural Community:-

Rural community:- Each family in a community needs many things and equipment for their day-to-day activities. Interdependence is found more in rural communities. People respect all occupations. In India, 72% of the total population lives in villages. Agriculture is the major occupation of 70% of these people. Along with agriculture other occupations like dairy (rearing cow, buffalo), poultry, fishery, sericulture, etc are also done.

Example: weaving, blacksmithing, carpentry, basket weaving and others in villages

Villages have problems related to hygiene, health, education and jobs.

The Government has introduced many rural development programmes

  1. Rozgar Yojana and Jawahara Gram Samruddi Yojana for the educated youth in villages for self employment.
  2. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana to give quality education.
  3. Nirmala Grama Yojana for the cleanliness of villages.
  4. Bhagyalakshmi Yojana for the better future of girls.
  5. Ashraya Yojana to provide free sites and grants and loans to build houses for the poor.

Urban community:-

People migrate to cities in search of jobs and for better education. People in cities are engaged in different occupations. India has nearly five thousand cities. There are 27 cities with a population of one million or more. Bengaluru, our capital city is one among them. And the city are facing many problem like pollution in industrial areas, traffic jam disposal of garbage slum areas etc. The government has undertaken many programmes to solve these problems such as Underground drainage system, Supply of pure drinking water, Well equipped bus stations and railway stations, Ring roads in the out skirts of the city, Developing gardens.

It is the responsibility of every citizen living in the cities to keep the cities clean. They should co-operate with the Government to maintain the cleanliness of the city. People should live with co-operation, love and friendship.

Tribal community

Families living in dense forests or hilly areas are called Tribal community. The living conditions, language, dress, and marriage system of the tribals are distinct. In Karnataka, Soligas of Mysuru district, Koragas of Dakshina Kannada, Jenu  kurabas and Yeravas of Kodagu district are the tribal communities. The occupation of tribal community are hunting of animals in forest . Since tribal communities live in forests and hilly areas, they are deprived of health, residence, education, transport, food, and electricity facilities.

The Government is trying to provide education, food, house, and health facilities to these people in recent years.

There should be different occupations for the development of a community. With the occupations which provide basic needs of the community.

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