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Community has given rise to games to relax and spend free time, people have made games. Games build the relationships among individuals in a community. It provides an opportunity for elders and youngsters of the community to play together. Games are nothing but activities that people have formed for entertainment and physical exercise. People daily some of the activities such as jogging playing exercise yoga etc.

Are only we benefitted from games?

National and international games help to build friendship and co-operation with other states and countries which helps to improve the bond between different countries.

Some of the international games are

he most well-known international sports event is the Olympic Games. Other examples include the FIFA World Cup and the Paralympic Games

Adventures games

Games which provide excitement and a special experience with special physical competence are called adventure games.

Example: River rafting, mountaineering, sky diving, rock climbing, mount cycling.

These games need a lot of preparation, speed, skill, training and physical exercising to meet the new challenges it has to offer. games provide a lot of happiness, determination to face dangers, mental stability, physical fitness and entertainment. But they are definitely dangerous games.

Hence the cautions given below have to be followed.

  1. Should not participate in such games without proper training and guidance.
  2. Before participating in such games, all the necessary special equipment have to be procured and the required skills have to be developed
  3. Have to behave with a lot of patience and responsibility. Situations will have to be handled with competence.
  4. Must prepare well ahead and gain sufficient experience
  5. Should participate in the games with the co-operation of the team.
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