Summary of residences


Home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. Early man protected himself against sun light, rain, wind and wild animals by living in caves and bushes and they are called the early shelters of mankind. Home became a need as man became civilized. Construction of houses were started by the civilized man as the need for a home increased in accordance with the changes in society. Construction of residences started from independent houses and got transformed to community houses.

Types of houses

People live in various types of houses such as hut, house with tiled roof and houses with concrete terrace. Many families in villages or towns are living in houses constructed side by side in a locality. These are called residences. Now-a-days community housing projects have started to meet the needs and demands of the people due to over population.

Objectives of Community Houses

To provide all the facilities to the houses which are required by families.

Providing good roads, transportation facilities, electrification, water supply and garbage disposals in a planned way.

Constructing parks, hospitals, etc., for public needs.

Connecting community houses to the regional main roads.

The facilities available in community Houses

Community housing projects are implemented in suitable places in villages and cities. The Government build community houses in villages. The Government has formed separate housing boards for the construction of houses in cities. Many problems arise during construction of houses in villages or cities.

Housing problems in urban areas.

* No underground drainage system.

 * Garbage disposal problems.

* Frequent fire accidents in multi stored buildings.

Housing problems in rural areas

* No bathroom and toilet facility.

* No proper electrification.

* Lack of pure drinking water supply.

* Roads not suitable for the transportation of vehicles.

* No underground drainage facilities.       

Housing features of the best city or village

* Proper ventilation and light.

* Rain water harvesting system from the roof of each house and its storage.

* Electricity by solar energy.

* Closed underground drainage system.

* Proper system for garbage disposal and preparation of manure from garbage.

A good house can provide health, happiness, and peace for the family members and their neighbors. Houses with the best facilities lead to good health

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