A Tiger in the House


Explain to your partner why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the text if necessary.

  1. When did Grandfather discover the tiger cub? Who named him “Timothy”? Who fed him? What was Timothy’s diet?

Ans:The tiger cub , was discovered by Grandfather on a hunting expedition in the Terai Jungle near Dehra. The grandfather named him as Timothy, milk given tohim in a feeding bottle by our cook, Mahmoud.

2.Who were Timothy’s two companions? How did they show him that they were not afraid of him?

Ans:Toto the monkey and small mongrel puppy,Toto the monkey, who was bold enough to pull the young tiger by the tail, and then climb up the curtains if Timothy lost his
temper.At first Timothy appeared to be quite afraid of the puppy,and darted back with a spring if it came too near. He would make absurd dashes at it with his large forepaws, and then retreat to a ridiculously safe distance.

  1. Timothy was more friendly with Toto than with the puppy. (True/Not True)

Ans: Not true

4.When the boy took Timothy out for walks why did people in the street give them a wide berth?

Ans:He was by this time the size of a full-grown retriever, and when I took him out for walks, people on the road would give us a wide berth. When he pulled hard on his chain,
I had difficulty in keeping up with him.

5.Timothy had an air of superiority about him.(True/Not True)


  1. Timothy’s wild nature came out gradually. (True/Not True)


  1. Everyone took Grandmother’s warning seriously.(True/Not True)


  1. What changes in Timothy made Grandfather decide to transfer him to a zoo?

Ans: Certain changes came over,He was less friendly,When ever taken for a walk it would stalk a cat or someones friend.He started killing animals in the poultry house ,Timothy had to chained after few months.later it started stalking mahmoud in the house which looked like a villainous intent. so grandfather had decide to transfer him to zoo.

9.Why did Grandfather say to the tiger, “Good night Timothy”?

Ans: because it was already getting dark and it may be the last meeting and he still believed that the tiger was timothy.

  1. Why did the tiger begin to lick Grandfather’s hand with more and more relish?

Ans:He licked Grandfather’s hands and only sprang away when a leopard in the next cage snarled at him. Grandfather shooed the leopard away, and the tiger returned to lick his hands.

  1. Why did Grandfather give a scornful look to the keeper? (Scan paragraph 13 for the answer)

Ans:He licked Grandfather’s hands and only sprang away when a leopard in the next cage snarled at him. Grandfather shooed the leopard away, and the tiger returned to lick his hands; but every now and then the leopard would rush at the bars, and the tiger would slink back to his corner.

Supply the missing letters in the following sentences :

  1. Grandfather knew no one would have a tiger as a
    co_tra _ _ _ r.


  1. The onlookers thought Grandfather and the tiger
    were c _ _ _ e friends.


3.The tiger was rel _ _ _ _d, but the leopard was tense.

Ans: Relieved

Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate adverbs or adverb phrases given below :

(when, as, while, till [or until] after, since, as long as,whenever, and once )

  1. Whenever I go to the zoo I do not forget to say “hello” to my tiger.
  2. He was shocked as I went near the tiger.
  3. As I was relaxed the tiger was also relaxed, but once I showed signs of nervousness the
    tiger became nervous too.
  4. When I gave my hand to it the tiger began to lick it.
  5. I haven’t seen my tiger Since it ran away from our house.
  6. While I was saying “goodbye” to my tiger the superintendent came.
  7. As long as I was petting the tiger the leopard in the next cage snarled at him.’
  8. Wait till I ring you up,” the zoo superintendent said.
  9. We waited for the tiger until it was dark.
  10. They had left before we reached there.
  11. I came just after he had hit six sixes in that over. I missed it.

Supply the missing prepositions in the dialogues given below

  1. Grandmother : Where is Timothy?
    Mother : He has gone out.
    Grandmother : Gone out? Who ? With
    With Mahmoud.

2.Mahmoud : Grandfather was shouting me. Mother : What ? for
Mahmoud :
For not tying up Timothy

3.Bond : Grandfather has brought home a tiger cub!
Grandmother : A tiger cub? Where from?
Bond : from the jungle

4.Superintendent : Sir, why are you standing at the cage?

Grand father : I have been conversing with Timothy.
Superintendent : Really? for how long?

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