Water Pollution – Conservation

Summary of water pollution


We use water from different sources such as well, pond, river etc., for different activities.If the water is not pure and not fit for drinking, it means that water is polluted. The water may contain soil particles,dirt and small insects that may be visible or not visible to our naked eyes. Dirt that comes from washing of utensils and clothes, pesticides and fertilizers, industrial wastes make water polluted. Then it becomes unfit for drinking. This is called water pollution.


Diseases like cholera are spread through water. If not treated properly in time, it can lead to death. In the case of vomiting and diarrhoea, the body loses the water content and the
patient becomes tired. This is called dehydration.


To avoid dehydration, a mixture of salt, sugar, lemon juice, boiled and cooled water should be given to the patient. This is called rehydration. The first aid treatment that should be given to the patients suffering from diseases that spread through water.
O.R.S. (Oral Rehydration Solution) packets are available in hospitals and medical stores for rehydration.

Its better to drink pure and clean water than to drink polluted water, get infected with diseases, get medicated and cured later. So take care to avoid polluted water.

The chemical, chlorine is added to drinking water to purify it from germs and then is supplied to the houses in towns and cities.

When we boil water, all the bacteria will die. It is good for health to boil and cool the water before drinking.

Desalting is the process of reducing the salt content of the sea water and use it for agriculture and house hold activities. This is very costly.

In cities, it has been made compulsory to collect rain water that falls on the roof-tops of the buildings to prevent scarcity of water. Purifying and reusing of water once used in the industrial sector is in practice to minimise the scarcity of water.

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