D. Comprehension
i. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each:

1.Who is the speaker in the poem?

Ans:The poet kathleen Delicate herself is the speaker in the poem.

2.Who is alone in the poem?

Ans:The poet is alone in the poem

3.What does the speaker decide to do if she fails?

Ans:If the speaker fails, she will continue to try again and again .She will ask others for their opinions also.

4.Who is the ruler of the speaker’s kingdom?

Ans: Speaker herself is the ruler of the speaker’s kingdom.

5.How can the speaker convert her choice into a victory?

Ans:The speaker converts her choice into victory by being true to herself which taught her to sand along with self confidence which helps her to take the royal road to success.

ii. Answer the following questions in a paragraph each

1.Which line of the poem do you like? Why?

Ans:All of us should have a vision in life. We should be true to ourselves and work hard towards it. By being true to myself begin to learn how to stand alone how to win.Sled dependence will help us to learn how to stand alone whenever the time demands.

  1. Ask your partner what self-respect/self-confidence/self-reliance .

Ans:Self respect for oneself or self respecting is the meaning of self respect.Self respect can be gained only when we should never do in secret what we should be ashamed of doing in the presence of our most valued friends.

Self confidence: There are many people who have real talent in different line and yet never accomplish anything because they are afraid to make the first venture and this way good and useful things are lost to the world . A ones own power is necessary for success.

Self reliance: Self reliance means relying upon ourselves or independently taking up the decision.Decision taken by others about our life may go wrong still the decisions given by others are to be scrutinized by ourselves again. So it will be better to rely on ourselves.

  1. How can you show to others that you have these qualities? Give some examples. Write down what you said.

Ans: Success is the only thing from which we can show to others that we have all these qualities. Ex: Whenever I got a chance to participate in any of the extra circular activities, without any hesitations, I participated which showed my self confidence.

  1. According to the poet, what should we do to win in life?

Ans:According to the poet we should do the following to win in our life. They are

  • Rely on yourself
  • Stand on you won
  • Continue trying if you fail
  • Take pride in the path you choose
  • True to yourself
  • Learn to stand along and determination to win facing all odds in life

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