A. Talking about the poem Take turns with your partner to ask or answer these
questions. Explain to him/her why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the poem if necessary.

1.The poet is addressing a kind man. (True/Not True)

Ans: True

2.The poet is not talking about the good deeds that we can do. (True/Not True)

Ans: Not True

3.How can you make someone glad? Or someone less sad? Can you give an example each?

Ans:We can make someone gald. We can make someone gald by uttering good words,kind words, helping someone who are in trouble, morally maing them strong by giving all kind of support in critical conditions, assuring them we will be always with them throughout their life in all their sorrows and happiness. soneone may be made less sad by building up courage to face any situation or least we can take them to a place where they can get solution to their problem.

  1. The poet is saying you should praise people in order to gain favour. (True/Not True)\

Ans:Not True

5.The poet is saying you have to be strong yourself to do good to others.


6.a. The poet is assuming you may not have a forceful personality.

b.The poet is advising you to develop a forceful personality. (Underline the True statement)

Ans:The poet is advising you to develop a forceful personality

  1. Look at the good qualities given below :
    a. kindness; b. charity;

c. broadmindedness; d. helpfulness;
e. trustworthiness; f. friendliness
g. courage; h. mercy

Do you know someone who has any of these qualities? Give an example. Remember Maqbool Butt. He had three of these qualities.

Ans: Maqbool Butt had courage, kindness helpful. Gandhiji was an good example for all these qualities. he is known for his kindness thro out the world as everybody know “Mahatma Gandhiji father of our nation” brought independence by on violence.Though Britishers ruled us with utmost cruelty Gandhiji fought against them non violently which showed his kindness.

Charity:When Gandhiji was offered jewels as offering he returned them back as offering, he returned them back and asked them to use for charity.Broadmindedness:Gandhiji fought against untouchability and called untouchables as :Harijans Which means children of God which shows his broad mindedness.

  1. The poet is telling us what is correct behaviour. (True/Not True)


  1. The general idea of the poem is that procrastination is good. (True/Not True)

Ans:Not True

10.“Procrastination is the Thief of Time.” (English Proverb)
a. Discuss the meaning of this proverb with your teacher. What “figure of speech” is used here?

Ans:It has been said :Never put off for tomorrow what you can to today”.

Yet there are many people who have the habit of postponing things . such people do not realize the dangers of delaying.Work does not disappear if we postpone it. The more we postpone it the more work piles up.Finally, we have no choice but to tackle it.

The the amount of work seems too much we then have to work for long hours under great strain and tension.Finally we do it hurriedly and i a casual manner.

a. The proverb means if you delay doing something, it will take a longer time to do it later on. The figure of speech is a metaphot.

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