Comprehension :
I. Answer the following questions in a sentence each:

  1. What do squirrels hide in grass?

Ans    Squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

2.What are we missing in broad daylight?

Ans:We miss to see streams full of stars, like skies at night.

3.How long do we stare?

Ans  We hardly stare because we have no time.

4.What do Beauty’s feet do?

Ans:Beauty’s feet dance.

5.What are the night skies compared to?

Ans:The night skies are compared to streams with sparkling water.

Answer the following questions in four-six sentences each.

1.How have we made our life “poor”, according to the poet?

Ans:Nature has many things to offer, but human beings have become very busy. They do not find time to be in the midst of nature and enjoy its beauty. People do not pay  attention to the little things in nature that  give us immense happiness. If we do not find leisure to appreciate the beauty and feel happy and relaxed we make our lives very poor.

2.Write the substance of the poem “Leisure.”

Ans  Life should not be about working so much that we have no time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. We are so caught up in our work routine and mundane schedule that we do not know how to break away. We should slow down and take a look at things around us because life goes by fast sometimes, the mind should be free of work stress so that we can enjoy the beauty of the little pleasures of life. We all get so caught up in the ways of the world that we become emotionally blind to what is going on we are not alert to our surrounding. We focus so much on the things that bring us trouble and not enough time on what makes us happy. Life becomes meanings less if we do not learn to set aside time for ourselves and our families.

Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each

1.What do you see in a garden?

Ans:  We see  many plants, trees, and flowers. We hear the chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and a variety of sounds. These all gives us happiness. They take us away from our daily problems.

2.The poet has used the words “no time” in each line. The title of the poem is “Leisure.” Is the title appropriate? Comment on the title of the poem.

Ans: The phrase no time is used throughout the poem as an indication of mankind’s dilemma. The phrase no time rings like a bell that takes the reader through a number of occasion on which the excuse of  no time prevents one from enjoying life to the full. The title of the poem has a good significance. It highlights the importance of leisure which is not at mans’ disposal in this age.

3.Pick out the rhyming words from the poem and supply another rhyming word of your own for each.


 Care                          stare                      dare

Boughs                 cows                        plough

Pass                       grass                      mass

Day light               night                       fight

4.How is our life today very different from the life visualized in the poem? What must we do to get more free time for ourselves?

Ans   Life has become very complicated today. We always worried about our daily routine.we  become tired, frustrated and irritated at the end of the day. We must makeup our mind to find time and spend it happily in the midst of nature.

5.“No time to turn at Beauty’s glance.” What do you think “Beauty” means here?

Ans:Beauty in this context mans the beauty of nature if we look at nature from this point of view, we find nature dancing in a variety of ways. The flowers, the branches, the leaves, the happy fight of the birds and the sound of water running in brooks etc.

6.How have we failed to appreciate the beauty of nature?

Ans  We are so involved in our daily activities that we find no time to look at nature and enjoy its beauty. We are spending our time in peace and happiness. We have completely forgotten what the beauty of nature can give us.

7.There is more in life than rushing and working. Do you agree with the statement? If yes, explain.

Ans   I agree with this statement. Life has become a race. They are worried about reaching  their  places of work and they fail to notice all the little things that give us some movement of happiness. We think we get happiness when we earn money. But we forget that there are several things in nature that give us happiness. Hence we should stop this mad  rush and enjoy life by paying attention to the things around us.  

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