Nuclear Test


Comprehension :

I. Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Anjali’s father persuaded Dada to come to Pune because

a) Dada was too old to run the farm

b) Anjali’s chachajis were abroad

c) Dada’s children had migrated to cities

d) he wanted to take care of his aged parents

Ans:d) he wanted to take care of his aged parents

2. Anjali enjoyed meeting her grandparents

a) everyday

b) during holidays

c) during weekends

d) during her visits to their village

Ans:b) during holidays

II. Say whether the following statements are true or false.

1. Anjali always disliked sharing her things with others. (True )

 2. Anjali’s mother was a fantastic cook. ( True)

3. Dada and Dadi enjoyed shopping for fun. (False )

4. Anjali was extremely happy when her grandparents decided to go to Rita’s place.


III. Pick out the word that best describes

  1. Anjali  b) Dada  c) Dadi  d) Anjali’s father e) Anjali’s mother.
  1. Anjali: Possessive
  2. Dada:pious
  3. Dadi:Caring
  4. Anjali’s father:Strict
  5. Anjali’s mother:Busy

IV. In the table given below, list out the various ways in which Anjali’s grandparents rendered help. with aniswer

1He helped Anjali with the projectsShe is a fantastic cook
2Helped in maths syllabusShe cared for Anjali
3Exchanged world viewsShe was reassured
4He walked with her to bus stop every morningPious

V. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each.

  1. Why did Anjali’s mother remove all her things from the cupboard?

Ans: Anjali’s mother remove all her things from the cupboard because Anjali grandfather wants to keep their things in the cupboard.They would come to stay there.

2.How old was Anjali’s grandfather? Why was it difficult for him to live in the village?

Ans:Dada was nudging seventy and too old to be able to run the farm all by himself .He had promised that he would not leave his beloved land till he died but he was finding it more and more difficult to live their alone.

Give one-word substitutes for the following

equilibrium egocentric expatriate centenarian sexagenarian

  1. One who resides temporarily outside the country: expatriate
  2. One who is only concerned with oneself :egocentric
  3. A state of perfect balance :equilibrium
  4. One who is a hundred years old :centenarian
  5. A person in his sixties.:sexagenarian

I. Now form the plurals of the following words.

(i) house (ii) student (iii) toy
(iv) flower (v) knife (vi) cloth
(vii) berry (viii) eye (ix) table
(x) piece (xi) company (xii) lorry

Ans: Houses, Students , toys, flower, knives, cloth, berry, eye, tables, pieces, companies, lorries

II. Identify the errors in the following words and write them correctly.
(i) Buss (ii) machineses (iii) bullockes
(iv) vehical (v) photoes (vi) halfs
(vii) tomatos (viii) potatos (ix) calfes

1)Buss: Bus

(ii) machineses:Machines

(iii) bullockes: Bullocks

(iv) vehical:Vehical

(v) photoes:Photos

(vi) halls:Half

(vii) tomatos:Tomatoes

viii) potatos: Potatos

(ix) calfes:Calves

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